Fisherman's Cove Gallery

Paintings 1

"Dull Day at Fisherman's Cove" by Edward Wedler
"Poppies" by Karen Gallant
"Bottles of the Rainbow" by Karen Gallant
"Shepody Pasture" by Jacqueline Verge
"Entanglement at Eastern Passage", by Ed Wedler
"Sunflowers" by Karen Gallant
"Reflections in Red" by Virginia Houston
"Bunnies n' Fiddleheads" by Jackie Verge
"Old Fish Plant, Eastern Passage, NS" by Sandra Harrison
"Daily Visitor" by Virginia Houston
Painting by Terri Greencorn
"Vantage Point" by Jacqueline Verge
"Point Michaud Beach, NS" by Sandra Harrison
"Rock Outcrop Embrace" by Edward Wedler
"Crimson Spring" by Jacqueline Verge
Ingonish, NS by Virginia Houston
"Going My Way?" by Ilze Lucis
Painting by Terrie Greencorn